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FM Acro Team

The FM Acro Team and American Gold Gymnastics take great pride in the history and traditions that span more than four decades in the Fargo-Moorhead area.  We look forward to honoring the many Alumni from our FM Acro Team.  The foundation and paths built by our Alumni have created many opportunities for our current athletes in the great sport of gymnastics, as well as guide them to where they are going into the future.  We hope you will share with us your history and memories while here and help tell the FM Acro Team story in vibrant detail.  Your memories, photos and videos can help enrich each chapter of Acro’s legacy whether quickly shared at, or by completing our Alumni Bio Form. We look forward to reconnecting with you, and celebrating this great organization together!

Alumni Bio Form

Please share our alumni page and bio form with other alumni. Also share any memories, photos, or videos that you may have. Share at